Domino poker online

Domino poker online started from Pai Gow in China which means “double hand.” There are many attempts to come up with other games based on Pai Gow which resulted in many variations of the domino poker. Nonetheless, just like all other table games in the entire gambling history, the original is always the best.


What are some winning strategies for this game? One interesting fact about this game is that unlike other games you must have known, the beginners actually have the advantage over the seasoned ones. New players are entitled to undergo playing lessons since they have to learn first the ranks of the hands used in the game. The ranks have the same names in the traditional games, but they have different values. Those who don’t know how to play the game yet can practice till they become adept in it.

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How to Play

As the game starts, it rotates starting from the eldest hand and it moves to the left. Every player takes turn to play using different moves which are as follows:

Check: This means that the player will still be in the game and will not be able to add more money. This can only be done in the first round if no one else has put a bet.

Call: This move is done by adding more money to match the amount of the other players. The betting ends when the players who have not folded have the same stakes.

Fold: This means that the player will drop from the game and gives up any claim to the pot. When a player folds, the hand must not be seen by the other players.

Bet: This is where the pot receives more money from a player which can be in a predetermined minimum or maximum size. This is done during the first round when nobody else has made a bet.

Raise the Bet: This can be done only once another player places bets or has raised. The player with most money in the pot will be required for the call. The extra cash will be the amount that has to be announced by the player as the raise.

Scoring for the Game

Hands will be exposed and the player who holds the highest hand will win the game.

Domino poker online is not only an entertaining game. Apart from that, it also gives the players the chance to end up with a lump sum.