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            Poker has gone from a game for only the wealthy and elite to a game played and watched worldwide since it first gained prominence at the beginning of the twentieth century. More and more people are giving poker a try (both at traditional casinos and online) after having earned a reputation as a game of wit, strategy, and skill.

How do you play poker, then?

Although the principles that drive poker can be relatively simple and the rules easy to grasp, to truly flourish, there is a lot to be learned about the game. You have us as support and we will teach you how to play poker, from recognizing good starting hands to placing your first bet and winning your first hand.

While there are many kinds of poker out there, the games in each category can be grouped into four main types, following a similar card-dealing and betting protocol:

Play Online Games

  • STRAIGHT POKER – the oldest poker family, each player is dealt a full hand, and players bet in a single round.
  • STUD POKER – cards are dealt with in prearranged face-down and face-up round combinations with a betting round following each. Seven-card stud Common modern varieties include
  • DRAW POKER – full hands are distributed face-down to each player. Players can choose to discard cards and be dealt with new ones after the first round of betting. The most popular modern variation of the five-card draw is
  • COMMUNITY CARD POKER – a variation of stud poker, an incomplete hand of face-down cards is distributed to players, and several face-up community cards are distributed to the middle of the table. Players must make a 5-card hand using these cards, in combination with their playing cards. The most popular kind of group poker and one of the easiest types of poker to learn is Texas Hold’em.


Although playing poker in a traditional, brick-and-mortar betting house might be a dream come true for many, online poker is a much simpler and more affordable choice for many poker players. You can not only play poker when, where, and in a variety of variations on the fly, but there are also a variety of other advantages to online pokers, such as:

  • Greater control over limits on betting
  • Faster games mean that it is possible to play more games.
  • You can use real money or free chips to play.
  • To win online, you do not need a “poker-face.”
  • Most guide apps play so that you have to focus on your card.

In a relatively low-risk environment, online poker like situs judi online is easy, fast, and an excellent way for beginners to learn poker fundamentals.