If you win at roulette, reinvest your winnings as game capital for the next spins.

Roulette is one of the most popular games of online casinos, and many players can develop successful strategies, often winning at the wheel. If you are an experienced roulette player or a beginner who wants to gain an advantage in their future bets, these 3 main strategies can be immediately implemented in your game for more profit.

Cover your bets

One strategy that can be especially effective at roulette is to make more expensive bets with safer results. Coverage of most possible wheels can be extremely beneficial for those who get the right balance, and although there is always a chance to lose with a lost number, this type of technique can be a significant advantage.

Here is a quick example. You can insert 5 chips in the first dozen bets and five chips in the second dozen bets. You are currently spending 10 to win 15 (with a payout of 3: 1) if the winning number is in any of the first two dozen. With five subsequent tokens, you can cover five of the remaining individual numbers by spending 15 tokens (5 individual plus 5 for each of two dozen) to potentially win 35 in total.

Cover your bets

Expand with earnings

If you win at roulette, reinvest your winnings as game capital for the next spins. The faster you can avoid playing for your own money and playing for casino money, the better. With your winnings, you must distribute them among small gambling games until you can increase your bankroll. At this stage, you should always strive to withdraw and protect your initial capital if you want to become a profitable player. Using winnings to submit subsequent bets, you can protect your capital to some extent, while providing financing for larger and more aggressive bets at happyluke.

Installment price

You should always strive to be subject to high paying steering wheel options, usually unique numbers. They do not always appear, but if they appear more regularly than in 1 of 35 cases, you will receive a winning bet. In addition, having a home run bet on the table, you always have the opportunity to achieve a much larger victory, which pushes your score to black.


Roulette is just a game of numbers, and there is no reason why you cannot play these numbers in your favor with a more logical and prudent approach. These tips may help, but you must completely change your mind set to focus on probability before you can expect to win at roulette more often.