Playing Poker

Most online casino players want to feel that they belong to the casino world itself. It is nice if you enjoy the game you are playing. But this is not the case when you have no idea about what the people around you are talking about. You will feel more confident when you know the terms that you encounter before, during, and after the game. Let yourself be familiar with the following words. Then you can dive into the world of online casinos.


This term refers to the decision to increase the bet with everything the player has in the game. This usually applies in games like the No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Other players must decide to match the bet to continue playing. Or they can fold and quit. Some players go all-in when they have a very good hand. But there are also players who do that as a scare tactic so the opponents will fold. Going all-in when you plan to bluff needs proper skills for the other players not to notice the bluff.


This is the casino’s cash desk. This is where players can find the cashier at a land-based casino. Players can exchange their chips for money here. At an online casino, you could see it as a prominent tab in the toolbar when you log in.

Card sharp

This is what some people call a person who is an expert at cards.

Playing Poker

Color up

This means to exchange chips of a lower denomination for chips of a higher denomination. Chips come in different colors. A player usually does this if his performance is well. This prevents having too many chips on the table.


The kicker is the highest card with no pair in the player’s hand. It doesn’t contribute to a straight or a flush. The kicker is useful in poker when two or more players have hands of equal rank. The kicker serves as the tiebreaker. The higher kicker wins.


A whale means a high roller. It is someone who places expensive wagers. Thousands of dollars are often placed for a single bet. These players have a lot of money to spend. Most of these players are not skilled and keeps on spending. There are generous comps offered to high rollers. Such as luxury hotel suites, limos, and more.

Now you know the most common casino slang terms. You can take advantage of the bonuses offered by Judi Poker Online. You will be able to enjoy the game more and you will have a higher chance of winning.