A long shot is an unlikely bet to win. We often overestimate the likelihood that an event will take place, and we get carried away by the fantasy of the immense gain that we would make for this to happen.

If you can recognize  poker online Indonesia which are the most difficult online casino bets ( for roulette, jackpot or video poker, for example ), you can afford not to bet too much money and earn more money on those unlikely bets.

Apply statistics and mathematics

When it comes to table games, the important thing in your strategy to win money in an online casino is to remember that many games, such as Black Jack or Poker, are reduced to pure math.

If, for example, you are going to play online roulette, you will have to stick to external bets that have a payout of 1: 1 . It may be that you win several bets in a row or that you lose several straight, but in the long term, you will end up having a 50% chance of winning.

Read the Instructions and Conditions of the games

  • This may seem a little obvious, but it is something that makes us very lazy and that we always avoid doing because we prefer to learn as we go; or check the conditions when it is already too late.
  • There are games, such as slot machines, which have special bonus stages that have their own rules. On the other hand, depending on the casino, your gaming and betting options may be affected by the limits of the game or the table limits.
  • Imagine that you are making a progressive bet with the hope that you will recover your investment as soon as the desired winning move arrives; but the casino you are playing in has a bet limit. In that case, even if your budget were infinite, your opportunities to recover the investment would be limited.


If you win a jackpot, do not keep playing

  • If a game has given you a jackpot or progressive jackpot with a large amount of money, stop playing and go out and celebrate. And if you can not resist it, play only the amount you initially decided you would play at the most.
  • In these situations, it does not make sense for you to keep playing, because you have already obtained a generous enough prize, and that you will not be able to match. You may have the feeling that “you are on a roll” but it is due to the high of the moment.
  • In a first instance, it may seem interesting to take advantage of these offers launched by online casinos, since they allow you to have a larger bankroll (budget), so you have much more money to play; However, we must bear in mind that all these bonds are linked to quite powerful conditions and restrictions