Every field has its language, like if you go to the marketing field then you will get few new words that are only used during marketing. In the same sense, few gambling words are only used in the casino. If you want to stay longer in the gambling field then you must have to learn gambling terms and phrases. You can also use mega888 to learn gambling terms and games, you will be familiar with the gambling terms with time.


  • Jackpot 

Jackpot is the most famous term and is used to refer to the highest winning prize provided by the slot machines. You will get a huge list on the internet who win millions just by winning a jackpot in the casino. We highly recommend you to sign up with mega888 and try your luck by playing slot games.

  • House edge 

If you spend some time playing casino games then you are familiar with this term and people give preference to the low house edge games. The house edge refers to the advantage get by the casino over the players. It is generally shown in the percentage, you will get the house edge of every game in the casino.

  • Dealer 

Dealer is the person who will deal with the cards on the table, he will manage the cards in the card game. You must have to obey the dealer and follow all the rules of the dealer and the game as well. If you have any problem or doubt then you can ask the dealer, he will solve all your queries related to bets and games.

  • Chips 

Chips are provided by the casino to the players to play gambling games. It does not matter whether you play with the online casino or offline casino you must have to buy chips. You can easily convert these chips into real cash before leaving the casino by visiting the cage.

  • Bonus 

If you are a new gambler and have a very low bankroll then you must have to use bonus offers provided by the gambling site. But make sure that you are eligible to get the bonus offers provided by the casino.

All the above gambling terms are very important for the gamblers to know, they will help you to understand the game. If you are facing a problem learning these terms then don’t worry you will be familiar with these with time.