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Computer games arehighly popular. There has been a craze among the people for the love for games. There are a lot of reasons why people love to play games. Some to waste their time, some because they love to play, some find is attractive and so much more. There are so manygenres of games that are availableat sicbo and over the years they are all the more developing ad being attractive.

However, over the years some genres have become so much more popular. Thegenres have been loved and they have been manycompanies that havestarted to invest money in this sector. Let us know the most types of genres that we have in the present world.

casino games


Adventure is something that is loved by most of the people around the world. This trend has been put in the games as well. This isn’t a new concept but is growing stronger and stronger with the whole new experience. This type of game is more like a movie where you have to be part of a fictional character and save the world. There is a lot of challengesthat have to be faced and have to beovercome. You are required to explore, solve puzzles and riddles, combat with enemies and much more.

The adventure games provide the people witha real life experience and have provided them with a new level of fun.

Strategy games

This is the gamewhich requires the more paly to build in strategy. You would be provided with all the necessary resources. All you have to do is to utilize the resource to solve the game. The solutionto this kind of games is not a singleonebut a collection of it. You have to reach throughthesolution using the least number of resources. There are several types that have been classified into it.

  • Real-Time Strategy: In this type of games the gamer maintains a base. The base is required to be protected from any attacks by any force. The force tries to loot you of all your resources. You have to protectyourself by using the same resources.The only way to increase your resources is to loot the rest of the gamers. The games continue in real time as well. Even if you have exited your game, you could be attacked.Hence, it is calleda real-time
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG): MMOG is a currenttrend where the players team up to attack another team over the web. Each of the players has a respective identity.This game has changed the way the world looks up to the game. This has brought all the gamer around the world in a single place.


These are the two most popular genre that has been widely popular. There are more than you can look into.