Roulette was first formed in France in the 18th century. At first it was believed that roulette is a mixture of games in English with wheels (Roly-Poly, Ace Of Hearts and E.O.), which are Italian board games.

In the French novel La Roulette, ou le Jour, you can find a description of the game roulette in its current form. This novel was written by a French author named Jacques Labelle and described roulette at the Royal Palace in Paris in 1796.

In the novel, as soon as it appeared, it included a description of the pockets of the house. It was in 1801 that this book and the link were published, which was previously published in 1758, which was published in the rules of New France and forbade dice, hodge, lighthouse and roulette. About 32 years later, in 1843, Francois and Luis Blanc brought single-style roulette 0 so that they could compete with other casinos that offered the traditional style of wheels with single and double pockets.

In the early 1800s, roulette flourished and spread throughout the United States and Europe, quickly becoming the most famous and beloved casino game. Oddly enough, what became known as the American wheel, although it arose in France. It was also in the early 1800s when the game arrived in the United States and quickly became the second favorite.

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For literally hundreds of years, the only way to play casino games was through an expensive casino built before the Internet, and as the Internet began to grow as more and more people started using it, Roulette along with other celebrities Casino games were hosted in network, which caused a sharp increase in players and income. In the early 1990s, judi casino online began to appear on the network, and although there were not so many choices, few of them had dizzying profits.

As soon as companies saw the advantage of owning an online casino, and although there were few of them, players began to see more and more over time and after a good time, online casinos became an excellent choice. the trend and nowadays in almost any line In the casino you can find hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously playing online roulette.

However, today online roulette is everywhere and at the top of the ranking along with Texas Hold’em as number one and the most popular game in online casinos and still accumulates huge amounts of money. Online roulette began with the idea that people would never have to leave their homes and continue to play online with other players in a less restrictive and secure environment.