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Poker is one of the most famous card games in the world. Find how to play Judi Online and have fun with many people through free websites. Texas Holdem, (probably the best-known form of poker), Omaha, Razz and Seven Card Stud are variations of the game. Basically, Poker is based on a game of card combinations, which have different values. Betting, which doesn’t have to be cash, makes the game more exciting and beats the luckier, more strategic or better bluffing player (pretend to have a game you don’t have).

Judi Online

Interested? Learn how to play poker online for free. This tutorial explains the Texas Holdem variation

Step 1. Visit any online gambling website and sign up for free;

Step 2. The game site may offer paid chip packages. If you don’t want to, just click Proceed to the game.

Step 3. Choose one of the tables. Look for those that are not formed, that is, already have nine players. You can invite friends to play with you;

Step 4. Choose a seat at the table. Lost? Learn what players are doing on the Dealer button.

Step 5. What are my chances? On the right side of the site, track your chances of winning. You can get up to leave by clicking Raise or change tables by clicking the lobby.

Understand the Texas Holdem stages:

Stage 1.

Preflop: The dealer is the player who deals with the game cards, in online games the dealer is usually the game server. At this stage, each player is dealt with two cards. After all, the players at the table have received their cards, betting begins. See the bets in Step 4.

Stage 2.

 Flop: The dealer places three cards face up in the center of the table. All players can use these cards to get the best combination. New bets follow;

Phase 3.

Turn: The dealer puts one more card on the table (called the turn), along with the three cards from phase 2. New bets;

Stage 4.

 River: The dealer puts the fifth card on the table (called the river). At this stage, the last bets occur;

Stage 5.

 Showdown: Non-folding players show their cards following the order of the first to bet. Players may use the two hole cards plus the five cards on the board to form combinations. To form the combination, the player can use a maximum of five cards. Whoever has the highest combination wins the betting pot. Which combination is worth more? See the next step;

Step 7.

The time to fold, pass, bet and raise.

Hope this helps! Now make your leisure even more interesting with online poker and award yourself with some extra cash.