Jackpot generally refers to a maximum possible big prize in any game.  But, in context of poker jackpot which refers to a bad beat jackpot is termed as Poker ace99 jackpot.  A bed beat jackpot is offered by a poker room when a very good player loses a hand with a better one (e.g. Player 1 have AA cards and another one i.e. Player 2 have KK cards).  Poker is a casino game, a game in which the card room or casino offers a jackpot to a player who has lost with a big hand.

How to win jackpot in poker

Payout is divided into following manner

  • A player who loses the bad beat hand in a poker game typically receives 50% of the total jackpot.
  • A player who won the bad beat hand in a poker game typically a 25% of the total jackpot.
  • Among remaining players at the table dealt receives equal amount in their hands of 25% of jackpot.



As online casinos become more popular nowadays, it provides lots of opportunities to their players.  Also, poker is one of the most popular casino games which provides lots of chance such as

  • To have fun.
  • To know people all the world.
  • To increase earning (i.e. to make money).


 One of the most important advantages of a poker jackpot is that there is no established limit to a pot limit for jackpot.  So, here the chance for a player is to win a big prize amount.

As, it is very clear to everyone that poker is gambling game, a play always do betting for each and every one round.  So, jackpot is a golden opportunity for a player to win.  Don’t let this chance to go out from your hand.

 A high hand jackpot is also a jackpot, which is awarded to a player for going to the showdown with the highest hand within a defined period of a poker game in a poker room.  In a busy casino, either online or offline the jackpot might be paid out as often as once per hour in a day.

Jackpot round can be held either in a single table round or in a multi table round. It is the situation where everyone wants to win a jackpot, and its fact jackpot will go to a single player only.  Ideally, in the gambling game, there is no need to try playing bluff during jackpot round at all.  Avoid playing bluff in jackpot round.  Nonetheless, each and every player sitting in a casino at a jackpot dealt is confirmed that they will get some amount of money as a prize.  Its obvious winner will get a maximum and runner will get half amount of a winner as a prize.  So, this shows poker a casino game is a profitable game for its players.