Who can join as an Affiliate?

If you are new to this industry and you require a helping hand for getting started then Affilisearch affilisearch.co.uk will take pride in establishing and working with you. If you are from many years in this industry and now you only just need the money to earn then you could get all the types of affiliates for your help.

You will only need the source of gambling traffic which is an email list, PPC traffic or a gambling related website.

We are accepting the non incent affiliates as well as incent affiliates who are having points on the websites or cash back.

After you sign up with Affilisearch http://www.affilisearch.co.uk/  you will be then assigned the Account Manager who will work very closely with you. He will help you in maximizing your earnings and will advise you the best campaigns which you will able to run.

Affilisearch is mostly working in partnership with the affiliates and you can see the importance of being responsive to your needs at every step of your way.

  • Working of Payment Model

Affilisearch is working on a CPA basis which also means that when a player has made their first deposit and has met the wagering requirements then you will also get paid the commission for the player referral. This also means the as more and more quality players you send more and more you will be getting paid.

  • Cost Involvement

An affiliate network is totally free for all the affiliates for joining. There does not cost all involved in it.

  • Paid Commission

At the end of the month, the commission is paid on the net basis of 30 days. So you can get your earned commission payment of the previous month at the end of the current month.

  • Types of Merchant

They are working with many of the large brand operators of gambling. They are also working on upcoming and new campaigns. They are making sure that the campaign are approved on the network, is also beneficial for the affiliate, and are not approve any campaigns that are not likely to succeed. This also means that they are negotiating the baseline requirements such as wagering and the minimum deposits, which will ensure that the campaigns will make sense to all the parties.

They are also checking the landing pages, bonus offers, and the creative materials, which are correct and will work to ensure the maximum conversions and the earnings.

This will also mean that you can trust them to take all the hard work out to deal directly with the operators.

  • Joining Affilisearch as an Affiliate

When you are joining Affilisearch network then you would have access to hundreds of gambling campaigns all in one same place. They have already negotiated the commissions and the best gambling campaigns.

There are also several campaigns, which are exclusive series and is easily available on the Affilisearch network.