Roulette being a very old game has history of over hundred years. Roulette is totally based on chance. But one can also use some tricks and strategies so that he can minimize his losses and maximize his profit. But even after using these strategies no one can be certain that there will be profit. But by using them one can reduce the losses. Visit to know more.


If the player is interested in playing the roulette at casino then he can use one strategy that is he must spin the wheel few times before the game. So this will help a player understanding the biases if present. There are wheels that usually land on odd numbers. So this one trick can help him. One should also think about casino game workers. Since they are doing this work from years, they will have the ability to spin the wheel with even force every time. This will also result in bias. So player should have an eye on workers spinning the wheel.


To get hold on the game the player should start paying the free games initially. This will help him understand the game strategies, what works in casino, and what not. So he should increase his confidence level by practicing the free games. He can also spend time on understanding the strategies used by other players. Once he gets confidence then he can go for betting games after deciding how much he can bet initially.

There are two types of roulette one is American and the other is European. There is an extra slot in American roulette wheel that is 00. So it is said that this will reduce the odds of winning. Therefore for beginners they always suggest European roulette. So, whenever there is option to choose from in a casino go for European roulette.

If the player is playing online roulette then he should make sure the site is safe before betting. Better not to give out the money for some scam. It is better if the site has some reputation. Make sure they are publishing their payouts regularly. Today the number of scam sites is increasing and many people are losing their money. One more thing to remember is the player should make sure that online site has a random number generator. Visit to learn more.

One should always be sure on how much they are betting. Everybody knows that roulette is a gambling game. One should always decide an affordable amount for betting before they start. Since, roulette game goes so fast everything will get out of the player’s hand so quickly before even he realizes it. Once the game starts, there will be temptation and game will make you to bet more. But try to stick to the amount which you have decided earlier. If one doesn’t want to take over in the game, they should also limit their alcohol intake while paying the game. It is better to stick to one amount and write down it on a paper.