Situations that Call for Small and Large Bets

When it comes to betting in a poker tournament, it is crucial to wager the appropriate amount or the right betting size. The size of the bet is gauged in relation to the pot. With this, all the players need to know how big the pot is so they will know how much they can win.

Unfortunately, determining the right betting size is a tricky task. This is because there is no unifying betting size that applies to all pots. The good news is that you can consider many resources like Bandar Ceme Online to help you with betting the right way. As a start, you should focus on situations that call for small or large bets.

Here are some situations that you should keep in mind:

When to consider small bets
The situations that call for small bets are the following:
• As a continuation bet: the continuation bet refers to a situation where following up a

pre-flop raise is needed. This can be your way of picking up the pot especially if opponents missed the flop. In this situation, it is not necessary to make a big bet because your opponents are already convinced how strong your hand is from your pre-flop aggression.
• On a dry board: if no draws are possible then it is not promising to have a flush draw or open-ended straight draw. In this case, it is not critical protecting a big hand because the chances of being outdrawn are poor. Basically, it is okay to bet a little.

• On the river: if the community cars are already revealed, no other player can outdraw your hand. It means that it is no longer crucial to protect a big hand. In this situation, you can bet a small amount.

When to consider large bets
The situations that call for large bets are the following:
• With the nuts: if you have the best possible hand, you need to bet bigger to swell the

• Pre-flop action: if you raise pre-flop, you should bet a large one to force out holdings that might beat you.
• On a heavy board: it is best to bet big when there are numerous ways in which your strong hand can be outdrawn. Two pair calls for big bets because it is strong enough to be ahead in most cases. However, it can also be outdrawn on turn and river.

If betting is necessary but the situation is not calling for small or large bets, then the medium-sized bet is in order. Situations call for medium-sized bets include having a decent pocket pair pre-flop, defending the hand on the flop, monster on the river, and decent hand on the river.