The Casinos are the places which are meant for complete entertainment. The casinos offer many games and the gamblers have the options to choose the one which excites them. The players use casino chips and most of the games are based on the random outcomes or the combinations of outcomes. The online casinos offer the Sweet bonanza games which are regulated by law.

There are three types of games played in the Casinos and they are table games, electronic games, and random number ticket games. Usually, one player plays on the gaming machine and there is no need for the presence of the casino employee. The random number casino games are based on the outcome of random numbers for which computers are used.

Types of Online Casino Games

The list is a vast one and there are many casino games online.


In this game, you have to cover the number in a specific pattern to claim the bingo. It is always possible for more than a single winner in a room and in that case the jackpot has to be split. One player can also emerge as a winner and it all depends on the chances, which is the essence of the excitement in the casinos. To increase the chances of winning, the players buy multiple cards.


It’s a card game which involves six to eight decks of cards. It depends on the numbers, and the rules are complicated. Planning the strategies is the fun element in this game.


It’s a card game where you have to get the combination of cards which equals 21 or the number should be close to 21 to win. It is one of the most wanted games because of the fast pace.


It’s a dice game, and the player makes a wager on the outcome of the roll or the multiple rolls. All the betting possibilities are outlined in the Craps table.


It’s a card game where you deal with five cards. You throw the low cards and draw one from the deck to get the higher number. It’s played till you reach the wagered number.

Slot Machines

It’s a very easy game and the most popular one in the casinos. You have to pull a lever which spins the wheel. When the wheel stops you get paid as per the pattern on the wheel.

Sic Bo

It’s an ancient Chinese game that uses a trio of dice. The rules and the combinations you find on the table are little overwhelming.