There are so many kinds of bonuses offered it is kind of difficult to put them all out as newer sites come up with ever so different ones or a twist to the old ones to attract customers or players in this case. The bonuses can be for a single game on the site that offers it if it is a poker site or slots site, there will be bonuses related to that game. There are sites where all casino games are offered, and you will have a vast array of bonuses and you will have to go through the ones that are for the games that you would want to play. When you play online gaming, play with online blackjack counting cards. You can also find a replacement to play more games.

The kinds of bonuses

  • Cashable bonus
  • Sticky type 1&2 bonus

The cashable bonuses need you to fulfil certain wagering requirements before you embark on cashing in on the bonus offered to you. Every casino online have different wagering requirements and you will therefore have to go through them whenever you play. The need to understand them is very important as you will playing with real money and it could turn out to be a big loss for you if you are not well versed with the terms and conditions stated by the website. If you have any doubts regarding the wagering terms and conditions the customer support which is available all round the clock seven days a week will guide you and then you can make your decision.

Sometimes if you withdraw form the game you will forfeit your bonus which may also contain your winnings during the course of play. The player has to make sure that before he/she withdraws, they will have to fulfil the wagering requirements of that particular bonus completely  and then withdraw from the game. The player has to note that they have a choice whether to take up the bonus in the first place, there isn’t a compulsion to take up every bonus that is offered to you when playing online and you can decline the bonus and play as you want. You can choose to play for the bonus or not after going through the terms and conditions. Now play online with online blackjack counting cards here

The sticky bonus 1 is the kind that once you sign up for it you cannot withdraw from it here the winnings can be withdrawn, and sticky bonus gets cancelled, but the bonus remains in the account which you could use for wagering. But the winnings can be removed when you fulfil the wagering requirements. The sticky bonus 2 will not get cancelled even if you withdraw hence more appealing to the players otherwise it is similar to sticky bonus 1.