Almost every gambler is aware of the slot machines and their use. Apart from slot games, you also tried basic casino games like blackjack, craps, roulette, and video poker. But gamblers get bored by all these games and want to try new and exciting games. If you are also one of them, you must have to try mega888 to provide you unique gambling games.

These are few unusual gambling games that every gambler should have to try:

  1. 21 Duel blackjack 

Let us tell you that it is an online casino blackjack, and it is also like blackjack. You have to get close to the 21 without going over or still be in the hand when the dealer busts. You must have to use the appropriate basic strategy as the house edge is less than 2%, but it is not as good as standard blackjack. You just have to sign up with the mega888 to enjoy this game.

    1. 777 Dice 

It is a game of luck as it is like craps. You have to place bets on the following prepositions:

Three or lower – 10 for 1 payout

4 or lower – 5 for 1 payout

5 or lower – 3 for 1 payout

6 or lower – 2 for 1 payout

7 – 5 for 1 payout

8 or higher – 2 for 1 payout

9 or higher – 3 for 1 payout

10 or higher – 5 for 1 payout

11 or higher – 10 for 1 payout

777 – 180 for 1 payout and a bonus of 30

All the above bets are straightforward. When you roll the dice pair, you will get several total 2 and 12, and the changes listed above based on the total by rolling the dice.

  1. Deal and reversal blackjack 

It is a las vegas table game. It offers a minor change to standard blackjack rules. In this, the dealer gets a face-up card and a face-down card. You have to make your decisions based on your total dealer’s face-up card. In the deal and reveal blackjack, the dealer has a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 then she has to turn over her other card. You have to see her cards before making your decision or how to play your hands.

Before playing any new gambling game, you must learn it well not to lose your hard-earned money just to play new gambling games. Learn the gambling game first and then only enter the field.