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There are two types of aggressive poker players in poker: new players lose the aggressors who have seen poker on TV and have not yet realized that most of the game is being edited, and those who understand almost every aspect of how it plays. The last category is those called aggressive players. A free television aggressor can achieve a winning streak in a day or so, but after a long enough time they will lose every chip and something else.

So, how do you move from the category of television to the category of winners?

The first thing that an aggressive and lazy winning poker idn player understands is how to determine the playing style of each of his opponents at the table. From there, they can calculate the possible range of starting hands for each player at the table, giving them an idea of ​​which cards each player will bring to the bank. This is almost as good as if every player at the table physically showed his attacker his free hand. Now that the range of hands is open, our hero knows when to bet, when to pass, when to call and when to leave.

poker idn

Much of what tough players know about table position can go through a window for a free player. It doesn’t matter if you are in an early, middle or late position. Our hero can raise the boat from its starting position to see what happens. If a tough player at the table is equal and a rainbow 5 7 9 flops, this is a signal for our hero to also bet on the flop. He knows that the tough player did not catch anything on this flop, based on the information that he collected from the ranges of hands.

Free aggression also understands the odds associated with the frequency with which each player at the table makes a specific bet. If he knows that his opponent will only match 30% of his bets, then he knows that he will win the remaining 70%. This gives you a license to bet on almost any bank you want, and will still be ahead. If your opponent returns, he knows how to give up and just wait for the next opportunity.


The key to this strategy is disguising your own hand strength. It is much more likely that the player who scored the same amount with 56 of the same suit as the one with the aces gets the action, and not the one who has only premium hands. However, there is a drawback to this action. Our hero must have the discipline necessary for imposing a premium hand if he feels that he was defeated. This action is much more difficult for a cramped player, since a cramped player has patiently endured for so long that he simply cannot imagine how he will give out one of the best poker hands.