A slot machine which is also known as puggy, poker machine, fruit machine, the slots, pokies in different geographies and casually known as wheel of fortune is used in real world casino rooms as well as in online casino rooms for gambling. Read out tips about mobile casino free bonus

It contains three or more reels that are to be spinned for winning cash or even jackpot. The spinning requires some amount of money to be paid which is stake. The slot machine has an inbuilt currency detector to verify the authenticity and validity of the currency used to play.

Some machines require cash in order to play whereas some require a ticket which has a barcode printed on it that is readable to check the authenticity of the ticket. A person wins when a combination of symbols appears on the screen as mentioned on the pay table.

With technological advances taking place every day, the style of playing slots also changed. Nowadays, you can play slots online on different online casino websites. Although real world locations for playing slots are enticing especially for the amateur players but playing poker online saves time and one can play in the comfort of their home.

Best Online Slots 2018

Following are some of the best online slots 2018 website:

  1. W88: W88.com is an online betting and gaming website based in Thailand and it is licensed to operate casinos and betting. You can play slots, lotteries, P2P, live dealer casinos and financial bets. By signing up for W88, you can bet in your own language and currency and the whole transaction process is secured over internet. W88 also offers sports betting in tournaments like French League, German Bundesliga, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Tennis, Formula 1 English Premier League, Spanish Series A, Italian Series A, UEFA Champions League. W88 also provides exciting offers, bonuses and refunds for its members.
  2. LagiQQ: LagiQQ does not claim that it is the no.1 website to play poker online but it is the best website with best service and fast transaction procedures. LagiQQ also offers referral bonuses of 10% + 10% and cashbacks also. LagiQQ uses tight security methods and it can’t be penetrated by any software.

QQpoker: QQ Poker is an online poker game which is trusted by generations as a worthy gambling site. QQ Poker offers online and original money making games. You can play poker in multiplayer mode with casino tables like Domino QQ, Ceme Bandar, Blackjack,Poker, CapsaSusun, Casino War, and Samgong. It is safe to play on QQ Poker because it is licensed and is managed by an official online gambling agency. It provides bank account facility for all transactions. Any smartphone/device can be used to play. Domino QQ is one of the largest casino which offers regular domino poker and poker games.