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The game of Poker has several variants, and all are exciting. The popularity of this game keeps on increasing as time passes by. Spectators and players develop a unique vocabulary to describe hand rankings and others. They even have different hand nicknames that improve the enjoyment of the game. A new Poker player will find it overwhelming, but it is easy to be familiar with the standard hands.


  • A-A
  • American Airlines – Double aces or AA is also the familiar symbol for American Airlines.
  • Batteries – This nickname comes from the double-A cells.
  • Flying Nazis – The A’s resemble airplanes, and aces are successful pilots. Nazis had a thriving squadron of flying aces.
  • Pocket Rockets – Aces look like rockets, and these pairs are pocket cards.
  • Teepees – Double Aces look like the peaks of Native American Indian teepees.
  • A-K
  • Anna Kournikova – This is because of the initials of the famous tennis star. It also looks excellent but rarely wins.
  • King Arthur – You can also hold it as KA, which is the initials of the legendary King of Camelot.
  • A-Q
  • Antony & Cleopatra – It came from the initials of the lovers Marc Antony and Queen Cleopatra.
  • Rocket Queen – The Ace looks like a rocket. It also came from one of the songs of Guns and Roses.
  • A-J
  • Armani Jeans or Apple Jacks – They share the same initials.
  • Foamy Cleanser – This comes from the association with the cleaning product, Ajax.

poker Galexy

  • A-10
  • Johnny Moss – This Poker player started his career at the age of ten.
  • Bookends – Each of them are part of the end of the highest Poker straight.
  • A-9
  • Rounders Hand – This nickname became famous because of the movie Rounders.
  • Jesus or Chris Ferguson – He won the final hand of the 2000 WSOP with he A-9 pair.
  • A-8
  • Dead Man’s Hand – The famous gunfighter and lawman, Wild Bill Hickok, was holding on to this pair during his murder. The holder is also likely “dead” in the game.


  • K-K
  • Ace Magnets – A pair of Aces is the only set that can beat this pair.
  • King Kong – The nickname came from the initials of the famous movie ape. It is also considered a big, steady hand.
  • K-Q
  • Marriage – A King and a Queen always have this union.
  • K-J
  • Kojak – This nickname is because of the phonetic similarity to the TV detective.
  • K-9
  • Dog – The nickname comes from the word canine.


  • Q-Q
  • Bitches – This is a derogatory nickname for two women.
  • Q-J
  • Maverick – The nickname came from a famous western show of the same name. The theme song mentions living on jacks and queens.
  • Q-2
  • Queen Liz – This one is a reference to Queen Elizabeth the Second.

A skilled PokerGalaxy player needs a strong understanding of what hands can lead to victory. Knowing the nicknames of several hands will help you a lot.