Poker is a name of theinternational level game. This game varies on cards or we can say that the basis of this game is cards. Playing pokeris the best way for entertainment.You feel better during playing this game and it is useful to remove your whole day stress. These days this game is playing at international level. This game is mostly playing in casino and clubs among the best players. There is some peoples play  bandarq online in this poker game for their hobby. On another hand, some play to earn money within ashort period of time. This game has two platforms on which you can play this game. One is online and second is offline. This game has merits as well as demerits.In this article, we will discuss its basics in detail.

The complete pack     

There is standard complete pack is required for this game. This pack is including52 cards and additional joker cards are also required when they are needed. Before starting this game, player properly shuffles the cards and divides them among the payers.

Values of cards

This game is basically game of cards and its cards have their own value. The player of this game or we can say that according to the rules of this game there is avarious combination of cards. Ranking of its cards is measured such in a two ways: the highest ranking and the lowest ranking.

Straight flush-straight flush is one of the highest possible hands when the standard pack is using in-game. There will be no wild cards. In a straight flush hand is the best sequence of cards is A, K, Q, J, and 10 of one suit. The combination of these cards is known as a royal straight flush or a royal flush.

The kind of five

This is also the highest possible hand. The possibility of this ranking is occurring whenever only one card is wild. It may be a joker, one-eyed jacks, or the four deuces.

The kind of four

This one is the next highest possible ranking. Its ranking is measured same as the straight flush. In this possible hand, four cards should be matched and do not matter the fifth one.

In the condition of full house

In the condition of the full house, there will be a colorful house which is made up of five cards. Three one cards should be of one rank and rest two cards of another rank. But their value should be same.