What Every Online Player Needs To know About Domino QQ

If you love playing online games, then you know that Domino QQ is one of the biggest games in the online gambling world. This game is also known as Qiu Qiu and others call it Domino Indo. it is poker that is very popular worldwide, especially in Indonesia. Domino QQ is also related to ‘Pai Gow’ which is a Chinese domino gambling game. The game can be a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, know the rules and how to play it, you will learn later on that like other poker games, it can also be fun and addicting!

All About Domino QQ Rules

This game is played with a 28 double-six domino. What makes it different from the US domino is that the dominoes in Indonesia are somewhat smaller. They are also immediately thrown away as soon as it shows signs of wear and play. The players will have to put a certain amount in the pot and this may vary; it can be lower and sometimes it can be higher too.

Once the players have placed their bets, each of them will be dealt with 3 dominoes. After carefully looking at them, they can choose to do one of four things: if there is no previous better, they can bet. Otherwise, they can call, raise or fold.

Domino QQ

  • First Round. If there is only one player who will place their bets, then they can take the winning pot even without showing their hand. But if there is more than one player, then those who did not fold will get the 4th card.
  • Final Round. This happens when the 4th card is dealt. Mostly, both rounds will have a betting limit. The second round will usually have a higher limit. At the end of the final round, all of the players who did not fold will have to show their hands. The player that has the highest or the best hand wins.

How To Determine The Winner

All of the cards are put into pairs and the pips are being added together where only the second digit is taken. For example, a total pip of 24 becomes 4, and the total pip of 13 will become 3. The highest pair will be a 9 which is the reason for the name “Qiu Qiu.” There are three different ways that will give you a higher score than a pair of 9s.

  • High. This is where the total pips on 4 dominoes would equal to 38 or higher.
  • Low. The total pips on all 4 dominoes would equal to 9 or below.
  • Double. This is where 4 dominoes have ‘doubles.’

Now that you already know the basic gaming rules of Domino QQ, you can start playing online! If you find it confusing at first, you would sure get the hang of it after a couple of games. You can also do your research, watch tutorial videos online on how this game is played as your guide. Remember that constant practice makes everything close to perfect. So if you want to be a pro-Domino QQ player, take the time to practice to get better.