What is the minimum increase in poker online?

Here is the movement of the National League ring that everyone should have in their arsenal. This is called the minimum freezing rate. You must be one to one to use it. This is a late position after the flop (but only on the flop, not on the turn or river). The move is to make a minimum raise with a strong draw and/or a decent hand that you want to match, but you don’t want to see many more bets from your opponent.

The purpose of the movement is twofold:

  1. evaluate the strength of another player, and
  2. Get a free card with a strong draw.

Here is a great example. Again, you have a position, and it is face to face in the flop, either because it was face to face in the flop, or because the flop is an early position bet, and everyone else takes you back to a late position.


Example: you have KQ worms in a button. There are several pre-flop limpers. The flop comes AQ8, A and 8 – hearts. You have a color project. This is a $ 1 / $ 2 table, and the pot is $ 12. A player for an early position bets $ 6. He placed a bet in the middle of the pot with a colored project on the board before a preflop no redeemed He called preflop from early position, which means he probably has A, but not a very good one. I could draw in my heart and try to hide his hand, but you have a draw. You want to call, but if you do, the jackpot will cost $ 24 per turn bet.

Now, if he caught two pairs in Bandarqq, he will pull the trigger right here and lift it again. Why would it rise again? Because he thinks you are a living cable and does not want another heart to fall. If you have a weak ace or a draw, you can retire, but probably just call. If it were a pure lantern, then I would let it go. If he goes up, you will let him go. There are some possibilities for a call, but this is not proof of this. So, let’s say you call, the most likely result. Now on line 7 clubs.

What is he going to do?

He will review the collector in the vast majority of cases. Even if he defeats you at that time, he can check, deciding to control/lift. You went up before, so if he passes, you can bet and he can go up. Alternatively, you may THINK that it is good with a weak ace, but you don’t want to get carried away with another increase. The most likely result is that it verifies.