betting on sport

In the betting world it’s all about the money. In that respect, there are a lot of comparisons with investing in shares. You must see every bit as an investment. Some go missing, others take it well. In this article we give you ten tips that can help you with your quest for wealth.

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Understand what value is

We immediately start with a crucial point. Does our probability calculation match the odds offered? Value is a simple concept, but also difficult to understand. And that is perhaps also good, because the cents of naïve influence the market to the extent that there are often excellent opportunities for the small group of betters who do know where the value lies. The Sports Handicapper option is also there now.

Basic knowledge of probability calculation

Successful betting on sport is all about numbers. It concerns probability calculation, to be able to estimate whether or not odds represent value. Betting on the basis of gut feelings may be successful in the short term, but in order to be able to profit in the longer term, we will still have to be able to calculate whether or not the available odds are playable. Obviously, there are also some mental arithmetic in bankroll management.

Understand how bookmakers determine their odds

In short, bookmakers determine their odds on the basis of how they think we betters will divide our stake, less than on how they estimate the chances of both teams – although of course both aspects are inextricably linked. Of course there is more to it, but the goal of the bookmakers is basically to assure itself of a guaranteed profit, regardless of the result. This fact offers smart customers the opportunity to spot value.

Do not bet to make a match more interesting

Betting purely to generate extra tension – or even worse: from boredom – is disastrous for a bankroll. This will not be successful in the long term. For extra tension the tip competition here on the website is very suitable. It increases the tension and there are prizes to be won, but bankroll and ROI remain in any case intact.

Fall in love with the ugly duckling

Those who play longer in the betting world, fall in love with the team that nobody should have. For the Sports Handicapper you have to make such a choice. In fact, the worse a team looks on paper, the more interesting it becomes. This sounds strange, but the bottom line is that the less a team is popular with the general public, the more value there is usually possible to achieve. So we mainly keep an eye on teams that are doing pretty well, but the last four to five matches have performed below par. When everyone bets on the opponent, the value on the ugly duckling will increase.