Online gambling has been enjoyed by millions of people and its popularity is growing with each passing day thorough out the world. One would ponder over the need for online gambling, the reasons are many however as per a survey, the top reasons are Cost, Convenience, Variety and Promotions. With the staggering advances in technology an individual does not need to embark on a pilgrimage to a casino, now it is available on mobile as well, in fact supports a multitude of mobile operating systems as well getting better day by day. Playing online casino on a mobile is very easy as you can play on the go, day by day these games are available with more clarity and pleasant graphics, much safer as the chance of a virus infecting is reduced and they offer bigger and better bonus as well. The only mandate is that internet connection is a must. Most sites provide with game descriptions as well as option to play free games most of the sites also provide a certain number of free spins after which you might be charged.

Looking for the no deposit sites:

There are many sites that provide a “no deposit, win bonus” tag to attract starters or the newbies. As the name suggest you need not to deposit your money prior playing the game. But many of the sites would ask you to register your entry with some minimal amount. The payment can be done via credit card, paysafecard, or also through the phone billing option available. Real fun comes when the payer actually wins good amounts through the game. The deposit is normally done via text message and the payment is billed at the month along with the mobile bill whereas for those customers on pay as you go, the amount is debited from their mobile phone balance because the pay by phone bill slots are particularly designed for small transactions, they are affordable and in a sense promote responsible gambling because the players are notified of payments via sms, because there are no hidden charges, the transaction becomes a transparent one and this system can be considered as safe because when transactions are done via the mobile operator, the need for disclosure of confidential information is eliminated and the possibility of players being exposed to ID theft or other frauds is significantly reduced. However the casino games are directly and without any doubt are measured by “luck” push your luck without emptying the pocket.